Our Con Committee includes:

Warren Friedrich
Robert Wood
Robert Farrugia
Ally Davies
Rosie Badgett
James Winch, who is co-ordinating the full support and representation of the ASA (All Sections Alpha) crew to ensure a spectacular collection of models, props, costumes, and more.
We are also working closely with Jamie Anderson.

Charitable Donations Committee (responsible for collecting, organizing and implementing auctions and raffles for our attendees, with the intention of raising money for charity):

Rosie Badgett
Rebecca Eisenhuth
Frieda Verbaenen
Anita Frackenpohl
Dallas Hadaway
Isobel Hoy
Kathryn Riley-Cuglietta
Mary Ellen Campbell
Katy Nicholls
Francine Goldstein

Special Thanks to:

Mark Shaw
Giuseppe Turno
Robbie Perchaluk
Patrick Fillion
Kathryn Riley-Cuglietta
Roy Bjellquist
Nicholas Fraser
Peter O'Rourke
and Catherine Bujold for our spectacular banner graphics.

If you are interested in volunteering to assist the convention in any capacity please contact Warren Friedrich.

Contact: destinationmoonbasealpha@yahoo.com

1999 cast